Become a LGND Ambassador 

LGND is looking for men and women to join our growing network of influencer ambassadors. Just keep in mind this isn’t your average ambassador program.

If you’re just looking for swag, keep moving.

If you’re here for IG fame, step aside.

If you want to join a movement built on community, authenticity and a dedication to inspiring others, you’ve found the right place.  

Qualities of a LGND Ambassador:

        Understands that each of us has a higher purpose, and strives to align with that purpose to make a difference in the world

        Dedicated to building a community that’s supportive and builds others up

        Pursues optimal health of mind, body and spirit

        Starts meaningful conversations that inspire and nurture personal growth

        Strives to Leave Their Mark in everything they pursue

Expectations of a LGND Ambassador:

        Willing to engage with their audience in a meaningful way

        Committed to creating quality content that goes beyond just selling a product

        Ready to build a long-term relationship with the LGND brand

Opportunities for a LGND Ambassador:

        Connect with like-minded influencers in fitness, fashion, wellness and more

        Potential to be featured in LGND content, including videos and social content

        Collaborate with LGND team to create campaigns that align with your unique audience

        Earn commission for sales generated from your content

Please fill out the form below. If selected, we will be in touch with next steps.

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How do you "Leave Your Mark?"